Update – June

Just this Monday the CCG was officially confirmed to receive the next cycle of NHS England investment, which will include funding for the voluntary and community sector locally. This allows Team’s work to continue in a substantive way including all the heavy ‘background’ work that Team is doing that clearly shows the importance of our […]

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  • 10th June 2016

Update – February

Funding UpdateWe would like to announce that we have successfully secured some funding from the CCG for groups working in Mid Nottinghamshire which we will shortly aim to distribute.We anticipate this funding will be directed towards groups who work (or could work) with individuals suffering from COPD and Diabetes.COPD is both a distressing illness and […]

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  • 26th February 2016

Outcome capitated models explained

The need for a new approach An estimated 20% of healthcare spend is wasted on overuse, misuse or underuse of care. Even in areas with low relative spend, there are still inefficiencies. Traditional healthcare commissioning in the NHS has tended to focus on processes: numbers of appointments, attendances, operations and procedures. But, with static funding […]

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  • 25th February 2016

What is Alliance Contracting?

Quick Navigation What is an alliance contract?How do alliance contracts differ from prime contractor, joint ventures or outcome based contracts?How do alliance contracts fit with the National Standard Contract?How is sub-contracting managed within an alliance agreement?Building the necessary trust and relationships is a key challenge. How best might this be done in respect of GPs […]

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  • 15th January 2016