Update – June

Just this Monday the CCG was officially confirmed to receive the next cycle of NHS England investment, which will include funding for the voluntary and community sector locally. This allows Team's work to continue in a substantive way including all the heavy 'background' work that Team is doing that clearly shows the importance of our collective work to the Alliance partners.

This was again recognised by Amanda Sullivan, Chief Officer of the 2mid Notts CCG’s who said - 'You're making us think very differently, which is very useful'

Team has recently been nominated as system lead for the outcome 'Patient Experience: involved in decision making and supported in managing LTCs'. With the Alliance, we are currently looking at providing a 2-day action learning set in the near future where a range of expertise, including from the voluntary sector can be present to help shape this outcome on a collective basis.

As part of the developmental work related to this, it's important for us to look at ways of developing a collective approach which can be linked to the capitated outcome work that the Alliance is developing.

Our key objective here is to continually clearly articulate the great work we do in a way that's measurable and actionable related to their objectives. This is a key step we need to deliver for our work to have a lasting impact

Team’s aim is still to distribute funding as soon as we possibly can. We are in ongoing discussions related to this and as the outcomes that have been selected as the focus for this year start to gain traction, how Team can support this will become clearer.

Our current thinking is to seed pilot projects which enables community groups to contribute when we understand the alignment with the Alliance objectives.

In addition, we are in discussions with EMAS who recently won the 111 contract. This has raised a number of 'patient outcome opportunities' to explore where our services could play a part. They are also developing a technology solution which Team could be involved in setting up, this could also engage some of our services.

  • 10th June 2016