Update – February

Funding Update

We would like to announce that we have successfully secured some funding from the CCG for groups working in Mid Nottinghamshire which we will shortly aim to distribute.

We anticipate this funding will be directed towards groups who work (or could work) with individuals suffering from COPD and Diabetes.

COPD is both a distressing illness and the cause of heavy health utilisation by patients, it is also the 2nd most common cause of emergency admissions and the cause of 1 in 20 deaths. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent and serious chronic conditions currently affecting the UK population.

Problems related to these conditions can be exacerbated by social factors with restricted mobility and depression, anxiety, social isolation and poor self-esteem. Socially excluded people often make chaotic and disproportionate use of health care services, which increases demand on healthcare resources. The condition can result in lower mental wellbeing which contributes to poor self-management and lack of engagement with treatments such as smoking cessation.

These are the first baby steps in linking the Alliance more effectively with 3rd sector resources whilst trying to provide some support to you, whilst ensuring that this is all aligned with the objectives of the Alliance.

EMAS Discussions

We are also in active discussion with EMAS related to ways to integrate what our sector provides with new services by them that are under development.

Alliance Developments

In the background we have been working very hard to ensure that the 3rd sector has fair representation on the Alliance itself.

We are very encouraged that this has been well received by the CCG and that you the 3rd sector through TEAM is an Alliance board member.

This is an important part of the process that provides a foundation for how the 3rd sector can successfully engage with the emerging Alliance (for more information on what is an Alliance click here). Exactly how the Alliance will work going forward is under intense discussion.

Payment Mechanisms

Currently it is anticipated that the 1.8% CQUIN payments will come under the scope of the Outcome Capitated Model (for more information on outcome capitated models click here). Initially this will be 'shadow ran'. This is part of the CCGs approach to pilot an outcome capitated model to NHS England.

Whilst this doesn’t yet directly impact our services it is the direction of travel for the CCG Alliance as a whole and its useful to part of this process and provide information including how or how not the outcomes used by the CCG relate to the wider determinants of patient health.

Information Governance and Quality

We are also in the process of developing appropriate quality and information governance elements. As many of you are aware the current demands can be onerous to many groups.

What we are not

To be clear TEAM will not (and never will be) the only route into health contracts. That is not the way we’d like to work and would actually be against competition laws. It also won’t support the transition that together we need to make to meet the challenges that are emerging.

TEAM will be primarily driven by principles and behaviours related to how we should work together. The emerging Governance arrangements are mirroring the Alliance model in this regard.

The project to date has been nursed by Ashfield Voluntary Action, Newark & Sherwood CVS, Mansfield CVS and Mansfield CAB. As such they are the interim board for this project, however, our aspiration is that this board is time limited. Ultimately the board will be truly representative of the sector as the Alliance processes becomes clearer.

Hope this short summary is helpful.

  • 26th February 2016

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